I am proud to announce a recent deal that has secured infrastructure Ontario lands on the mountain brow that will ensure public access to the woodlot and lands adjacent to the brow, protection and reuse of century manor, the commitment to build another student residence to take pressures of the local neighbourhoods and the money being used for this transaction will indeed stay in the City of Hamilton to go towards affordable housing in the lower city.

This is a process I embarked on several years ago. I worked with our City Manager, Chris Murray and General Manager of Planning and Economic development Jason Thorne, when it first because known that the IO lands were declared surplus. Meetings were set up with cabinet ministers, Ted Mcmeekin and many other stakeholders also including a consultation that took place with the broader community encompassing this area to determine their desire for the sue of these lands.

It was clear through those consultations that institutional use was still the preferred usage for these lands. I can tell you that this was a very challenging file that I championed over this period working very closely with the mayor, Ted Mcmeekin and I am proud of the fact that we have delivered a win, win, win for this community.