I work on your behalf on the following Boards and committees:

  • Board of Health
  • General Issues Committee
  • Public Works Committee
  • Hamilton Police Service Boards
  • Planning Committee
  • Emergency and Community Services
  • Hamilton Licensing Tribunal
  • Selection Committee
  • Open For Business
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Facility Naming Sub-Committee
  • Hamilton Association of Business Improvement Areas (HABIA)
  • NHL Proposal Sub-Committee
  • Airport Implementation Task Force
  • Physician Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee
  • Truck Route Sub-Committee
  • School Board Properties Sub Committee
  • Governance Sub-Committee
  • Steel Committee
  • D.A.R.T.S.
  • Fairness to Hamilton Campaign Committee
  • Hamilton Utilities Corporation and Hamilton Street Railway Corporation
  • City of Hamilton Operational Review Sub-Committee
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities


With the help of Community Council, Terry introduced “Movie Night in the Park”, bringing neighbours together as a community to enjoy fun for the whole family. The grass roots project has met with such success that it has become an annual event.

Over the last number of years, Terry was the only one to speak out about the creation of the Southern Ontario Economic Development Agency . Due in part to these efforts, the Federal Government has established the Regional Development Agency for Ontario to help with the province’s recovery, particularly as Southern Ontario was one of the areas hardest hit by the economic downturn. It was recently announced that $1 billion in funding over the next few years would be available to primarily help the area’s manufacturing industry.

He also championed the Business Ambassador Program, a network of local leaders with a passion for promoting growth and investment in Hamilton. This program has received national awards and recognition.

Economic development directly influences the sustainability and prosperity of communities. To that end, Terry pushed for the implementation of a Business Ambassador Program and through the evolution of this program a flash disk to showcase the benefits of living and working in the Hamilton area was created. Our municipality is the only one to use this technology for which we won a national award. A sign we are on the right track in encouraging businesses and families to move to the Golden Horseshoe.

Terry also initiated the free –wireless program downtown to encourage revitalization of the core. He was elected to represent 99% of the municipalities across Canada on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board.

Terry introduced  and established the Auditor General’s office to the City of Hamilton, which creates a level of oversight on all City programs to ensure that we are getting the best value for every tax dollar spent.

He fought and was successful in keeping the hydro vaults below grade in the Buchanan neighbourhood. He established and has been committed to the Mohawk College Neighbourhood Liason Committee and has personally responded to noise complaints at 2 am.


In the last number of years, my office has received several complaints from concerned Mountain residents pertaining to banners hanging from the overpasses on the LINC. I have been working with staff to adopt a bylaw that prevents any banner without the permission of the City to be hung from any overpass. I am proud to say that Council unanimously endorsed this bylaw this May. This bylaw will enable police to fine anyone contravening this bylaw. The fines will escalate to the extent that the organizations responsible will also be charged, and not just the individuals involved.

Many residents have contacted me to raise concerns about not only the banners, but the graphic nature of the flyers that their children under the age of 12 have been exposed to. I am working with our Legal staff to draft a motion to request that the Federal government provide some prescriptive guidelines that will ensure that our young children are protected. It is my hope, with your support, that every federal MP is contacted and asked to support a review of this activity and that the appropriate measures be implemented.

Golf the Dream Program: FORE Golf Program

Today, active recreation competes with televisions and computers. More than ever children and youth face more temptations to stay inactive. Recognizing this challenge,  I embraced a new form of technology to promote physical activity and sport. The Recreation Division is introducing a new mobile, multi-sports simulator that will be used with a number of recreation programs and initiatives over the next year.  Under my direction, staff purchased a simulator that provides City staff the opportunity to put users in live sport situations. After witnessing the success of Councillor Jason Farr’s Skate the Dream program, I was inspired to initiate the Golf the Dream F.O.R.E Golf program.

The City of Hamilton in partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Hamilton and Burlington came together to create the “F.O.R.E Golf” Program designed for 10 to 14 year old youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity, to learn golf free of charge with all equipment provided. During a four week indoor session utilizing the simulator and a five week outdoor program at Chedoke Civic Golf Course children had the opportunity to learn the game from the City of Hamilton Golf Pros. On May 22, “F.O.R.E. Golf” celebrated a great year with the Year End Celebration at Chedoke Civic Golf Course. The thirty five children enrolled in the program chose a set of clubs to take home, provided by the F.O.R.E team golf equipment drive.


I did not want to be one of those politicians that is only seen at election time, so every month, I bring City Hall to the people by meeting one on one on Saturdays for Constituency Days at Westcliffe Mall. I have hosted over 100 neighbourhood meetings, issue oriented meetings,  and town hall meetings. In fact, I utilized the latest in technology to host a “first” town hall meeting at City hall to discuss annual Budget, using 3 mediums of communication including live stream, live audience and phone calls to all 22,000 households in Ward 8. 3500 Ward 8 residents participated in this budget discussion, setting a new record for community engagement and an indication of my commitment to involve as many constituents as possible in the decision making process.

Moving Forward

I was Vice Chair of the Open for Business committee and made significant strides to cut red tape. More work needs to be done. We need to continue building on the momentum that we established. Clearly, we have to improve the public transit system on the mountain. We must focus on needs, not wants, to ensure that we optimize the limited dollars we have to spend and always be conscious on the impacts to the tax payers of this community. Tax competitiveness is paramount to ensure the continued investment in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It is clear that we have limited capital dollars to address our growing infrastructure needs. I have heard from many residents of Ward 8 with respect to the poor condition of local roads and hear the frustration. We must be smarter in how we spend on infrastructure, spending with our limited capacity to ensure higher level quality control of work currently under way and re-evaluate some of our priorities with the intent to alleviate the pressure. I know through my involvement with Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Association of Municipalities Ontario that they continue to fight on behalf of all municipalities to establish fair and sustainable funding for infrastructure. We must continue making our case that they have left municipalities behind. Our waterfront is an untapped resource that we need to continue to focus to unleash the great potential to provide a robust, vibrant area of the City that will provide jobs, taxes and access to the water’s edge.  Councillor Whitehead believes that to ensure we continue to get value for tax dollars spent, that we must have strong performance measures to establish need for the dollars being spent and determining if objectives are being met. By having strong performance measures on anything that utilizes tax payers money, we will truly create more efficiency and value for every dollar spent.